GRC Solutions’ Salt Learning Recognized in HRM Asia’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

We are excited to have been awarded Silver for Best HR Tech  Learning Management System

HRM Asia is a leading media and events company. The role they play in facilitating thought leadership and promoting the development of cutting-edge HR technology in the Asia Pacific region is extremely valuable. So we are very excited that our Salt® Learning Technology has been recognized in the Best HR Tech – Learning Management System category

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Efficient and Effective Training Solutions

The cost of training is an ever-increasing annual burden for all organizations. Using the Salt® Learning System companies can save tens of thousands of hours of employees’ time by leveraging adaptive learning technology to dynamically personalize online training to each individual.

Organizations can increase engagement and reduce push-back from staff by ensuring staff are only trained on what they don’t already know. Further time and money can be saved by enabling staff to complete training anywhere, from any device. This, coupled with content written and designed by experts, applying interactivity where it will effectively enhance retention, and judiciously including textual content, delivers cost-effective, efficient, enjoyable training.

Multi-Lingual Technology

Multiple languages for Learners

With our agile technology and the ability to translate our knowledge to the needs of Asian markets we deliver the outstanding multi-lingual capacity that our APAC clients need.

Many of our clients have asked us for course delivery, and progression analysis, in multiple languages

So we developed our Salt® technology to empower learners to choose to view our courses in any one of up to 23 supported languages. They can even swap languages on-the-fly, mid-course, without exiting or re-starting.

Multiple languages for administrators

And to honor our clients’ multilingual business culture, our Compliance LMS administration pages currently support 6 languages – and growing.

Our APAC clients know the value of time and asked us to provide deep analysis capabilities to help them target areas where learning resources will produce best value for the business. Our deep analytics reporting and authoring solutions help organizations design an even more effective training strategy.

The robust reporting and deep data analytics capability of Salt® is unequalled in the industry.

Salt Learning

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