Commercial Practices and Acquisitions – New Zealand

Course Description

The Salt Compliance Commercial Practices and Acquisitions course identifies the common areas where organisations and individuals often go wrong. The course is legally comprehensive and gives practical tips on how to avoid hefty penalties and personal liability that come with breaching these laws – all explained in plain English and easy terms.

The Commerce Act and the laws it imposes affects every facet of your business and at all levels – from the sales and marketing teams to suppliers or distributors. The purpose of this course is to create awareness among your members of staff on how to identify and reduce the risk of breaching these laws.

The Commerce Act is the primary piece of legislation in New Zealand governing competition law. Its principal goal is to promote competition in New Zealand markets by prohibiting certain business practices that are anti-competitive. The Act addresses restrictive trade practices and business acquisitions, provides for authorisations and clearances, and allows for the imposition of price control in various markets.

Who should do this training?

Anyone who is involved in decision making in business transactions and senior management.

Course Outline

This course is a component of the Trade Practices suite, which can also include Fair Trading and Consumer Guarantees

  • Module 1: Restrictive trade practices