Environmental Compliance – Australia

Course Description

Environmental law is notoriously complex. It runs across various jurisdictions and imposes a large number of obligations on companies. Offences carry great penalties and, with managers and directors being personally liable, the exposed risk in this area is huge.

This course creates awareness of the potential risks, explores the basics of environmental law and its imposed obligations, and explains how they should be referred to.

This course has been developed in close corporation with some of our clients to make sure it is practical and relevant. What’s more, due to the unique requirements of each company, we have developed industry specific versions of the course.

Custom Courses

Due to the specific environmental requirements of this course, you may need a customised version to suit your business or your industry. We are able to do that quickly and economically – contact us to discuss.

Who is this training for?

The course is directed at all staff at all levels within an organisation. Additional material is developed to suit the knowledge needs of those in managerial positions, such as directors and environmental staff. These modules help understand the risks associated with environmental law and how these should be managed in a practical context.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to environmental law
  • Module 2: Land contamination and waste
  • Module 3: Air and water pollution
  • Module 4: Managing risk and responding to incidents
  • Module 5: Licences and approvals