Introduction to Regulation DD and the Truth in Savings Act (TISA)

Course Description

This training is for banking staff on the information that must be supplied to customers when opening banking accounts

Regulation DD was designed to help consumers make more informed decisions about the accounts they open and so to foster healthier competition between financial institutions, in order to promote financial stability.

This short, one-module course introduces bank staff to the purposes of Regulations DD and TISA. It describes the types of accounts subject to the regulation, the type of information that must be supplied, and the times when it must be supplied. It includes real-lifecase studies.

It also introduces truth in advertising requirements that apply to the sale of savings products.

Who is this training for?

The course is a suitable introduction for all customer-facing banking staff.


Jasmine, who runs a small baby-sitting business from home, was handling her finances using her savings account. Because things became more complex, Jasmine decided to open a different account that will allow her to pay her suppliers and invoice her customers more efficiently.

Jasmine is wondering what sort of new account she should open, and which bank she should open it with.

Retail Banking Compliance Training

This course is part of the Retail Banking Compliance Suite

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Course Outline

  • Explain the purpose of Regulation DD and TISA
  • Describe the types of accounts covered
  • Describe the types of information required to be disclosed to consumers and when it must be disclosed