Privacy Training for Financial Services – Australia

Course Description

This training is targeted to the various relevant areas of your organisation

Failure to properly collect, handle and protect people’s personal information can put businesses at considerable financial and reputational risk. The Australian Privacy Principles impose strict requirements on businesses, and all staff need to be adequately trained to meet these requirements.

This suite of seven courses covers all the areas of Australian privacy law that are likely to be encountered in a financial services business. Staff in different areas will focus on different aspects of privacy and this training is designed to allow L&D teams to target learning to the appropriate staff teams. The lessons provide scenarios on each topic. These practical examples illustrate the sorts of customer interaction that staff can expect on a daily basis.

Data breaches involving personal information may be prevented through effective training and enhanced systems, analysis of the first 12 months of mandatory notifications reveals.

Our report shows a clear trend towards the human factor in data breaches — so training and supporting your people and improving processes and technology are critical to keeping customers’ personal information safe.
– Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Report 13 May 2019

Who should do this training?

The course is suitable for all staff who handle personal information. Moreover, all staff, including directors and senior managers, should
be familiar with the introductory material in course one: Overview of Privacy Regulation.

Credit Reporting

GRC Solutions also offers online compliance training in Credit Reporting – see below.

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Course Outline

Module one: Overview of Privacy Regulation

Module two: Collecting Personal Information

Module three: Dealing with Personal Information (Use andDisclosure)

Module four: Access and Correction

Module five: Mandatory Breach Reporting

Module six: Handling Privacy Complaints

Module seven: Overview of the Australian Privacy Principles (for Supervisors)