Sanctions Compliance Training

Course Description

This course will help you understand what economic sanctions are, how they work and how they impact international business and the financial services sector in particular.

Sanctions are volatile and often there is little or no advance warning.

This training is indispensable for enhancing your general knowledge of the purpose and nature of sanctions regimes, explaining what they are used for and how they can affect lives and businesses.

As economic sanctions continue to feature in the news headlines, this course provides practical insights into managing sanctions compliance and engaging with clients, mapping out what you should know, what you should do and what you should have in place to be compliant.

Who should do this training?

This course is especially relevant to account directors, business development managers, operations specialists, risk management analysts, compliance officers, customer due diligence analysts and senior executives.

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Specialized Financial Economic Crime Training

GRC Solutions is thrilled to collaborate with leading financial crime advisory firm, i-KYC, pairing their premium content library with our award-winning Salt Learning technologies to improve your approach to addressing Financial Economic Crime (FEC).

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Course Outline

Module 1: Describe what sanctions are, their purpose, key features and reach

Module 2: Identify which sanctions regimes are the most important and how they can impact businesses

Module 3: Outline key sanctions do’s and don’ts

Module 4: Respond to client queries about sanctions