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Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice

Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice

Course Description

This series of five computer-based training modules aims to help train frontline staff to recognise different customer types at the time they open an account. The package also includes the Ready Reckoner of Types of Entities.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Individual Accounts: covering individuals, joint accounts, sole traders, partnership, agents, deceased accounts, children’s accounts and business names
  • Module 2: Company Accounts: covering proprietary, public and foreign companies
  • Module 3: Co-operative and Association Accounts: covering registered co-operatives, incorporated associations and unincorporated associations
  • Module 4: Trust Accounts: covering informal trusts, formal trusts, statutory trusts, professional trusts and trust accounts linked to superannuation and managed investments
  • Module 5: Government Accounts + Final Quiz: covering Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, including their agencies and authorities, as well as foreign government bodies. At the end of this module there is a quiz that requires participants to draw on the knowledge from all five modules

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