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Course Description

Product Description

Whistleblowing is the act of misconduct or an improper state of affairs within an organisation. Whistleblowing is a crucial aspect of finding and fixing small organisational problems before they become big ones. Research has also shown that companies that receive and investigate whistleblower reports show a significant and lasting decline in misconduct incidents. But often employees are reluctant to report misconduct they notice at work because of fear that the organisation or another employee will take adverse action against them for speaking up.

Who is this training for?

This course contains a general module suitable for employees at all levels and in all facets of your organisation, as well as module for managers on whistleblowing obligations at an organisational level.

Course outline

Module 1 : Introduction to whistleblowing

  • The importance of whistleblower programs
  • Identifying when to make a report
  • How to make a report
  • What happens after a report is made?

Module 2 : Whistleblower protections (for managers and other senior employees)

  • The importance of protecting whistleblower
  • Managers' role and responsibilities
  • Investigating reported wrongdoings

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