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Personal Data Protection Compliance Training Course - Malaysia

Personal Data Protection Compliance Training Course - Malaysia

Course Description
This course provides training on the requirements for collecting and handling personal information in Malaysia

Failure to properly collect, handle and protect people’s personal information can put businesses at considerable financial and reputational risk. Malaysian and European laws impose strict requirements on businesses operating in Malaysia, and all staff need to be adequately trained to meet these requirements and understand what is required of them when dealing with individuals’ personal information.

This course covers all the areas of privacy law that are likely to be encountered by Malaysian businesses. Three modules deal with the provisions of the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), which sets out the rules for collecting, storing, using, handling, anonymizing, correcting and deleting personal data. It applies to all individuals, businesses and associations that operate in Malaysia or handle the personal data of Malaysians. It covers data protection and breach notification.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains very strict privacy protection provisions. It applies to Malaysian organisations that deal with EU citizens or with their personal data (for example, if they have a website with any of the EU languages other than English.) As the EU is Malaysia’s third largest trading partner it is crucial that Malaysian businesses understand and comply with its requirements.

The lessons in this course provide scenarios and case studies that illustrate the sorts of privacy issues that staff can expect on a daily basis, and bring the business of privacy protection to life.

The PDPA was seen as a key enabler to strengthen consumer confidence in electronic commerce and business transactions …
- Shanthi Kandiah, SK Chambers The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review - Edition 5 October 2018

Who should do this training?

The course is suitable for all staff who handle personal information. Moreover, all staff, including directors and senior managers, should be familiar with the introductory material in course one and the GDPR material in course four.

Course outline

Module one: Protecting Personal Data

Module two: Protecting Personal Data (Advanced)

Module three: Preventing and responding to data breaches

Module four: GDPR

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