Fraud awareness – International ver.

The most powerful anti-fraud weapon are educated and aware employees.

Fraud exists in almost every workplace, regardless of the type of industry, the size of the organisation and even the job role of the employee. It also often goes undetected by other employees. However, when fraud comes to light, it is more likely to be detected by a tip-off from colleagues than by any other means.

The cost fraud brings to an organisation is enormous and rising every year.

A recent global study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that in 2018 fraud resulted in over $9 billion in losses, with 22% of cases costing over $1 million. Fraud was not limited to large businesses: small businesses lost almost twice as much per scheme to fraud as businesses with over 100 employees. It is therefore crucial that all staff in all organisations know how to recognise fraud and who to report it to.

Prevalent fraud not only costs the organisation but it also carries large fines and penalties for the individual.
This course teaches employees the following:

  • How to identify fraud in the workplace.
  • Understanding the consequences of fraud for both the fraudster and the organisation.
  • Preventing fraud from occurring.
  • Report fraud where it is suspected to occur.

Building a culture of awareness and responsibility can reduce the risk of fraud and increase detection rates, thereby reducing the monetary and other costs of fraud.

The training features advanced graphical interactions and video-secenarios to illustrate the material and relate it to learner’s work experience.

Who should do this training?

The course should be completed by all employees of reporting entities (including those involved in compliance and risk management functions) that offer services such as:

  • providing bank account-related services
  • making loans
  • exchanging currencies
  • issuing debit and stored value cards
  • issuing securities and derivatives
  • stockbroking

Course Outline

  • Module 1: What is fraud?
  • Module 2: Fraud risks
  • Module 3: Common fraud schemes
  • Module 4: Fraud red flags
  • Module 5 :Risk management